Smart CCTV

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Smart CCTV

The implementation of public video surveillance systems in Putrajaya started in 2000 for purpose of day-to-day operation in monitoring the maintenance of the city. The project was carried out in several phases with 74 cameras installed in Phase 1 consisting of both wired and wireless based. However, interference issues, bad signals and impeding line of sight with wireless systems, saw Perbadanan Putrajaya upgrading the wireless surveillance system to a wired system and additional cameras installed in Phase 2.

In 2018, Perbadanan Putrajaya has completed a major system upgrade on public video surveillance system from analog to digital cameras.

cameras installed as of to date

new cameras to be install by end of 2020

Putrajaya Command Centre

The system and all cameras are linked to Putrajaya Command Centre and the Police HQ and  jointly monitored. Perbadanan Putrajaya will linked the same system to the Fire & Rescue Department, Malaysia Civil Defence Force and Hospital Putrajaya.

Smart Full HD Camera

  • Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics alert operators in case of unusual scene activity
  • Edge intelligence with Intelligent Tracking and object detection even when the camera is moving
  • Excellent low-light sensitivity

Interagency Collaboration