Digital information boards at strategic areas for the latest news, event, promotion so you may check on the information anywhere and at any time. An innovation that has the following characteristics:

  • Announcements are made centrally from the Putrajaya Corporation Complex.
    The display of announcements can be controlled including the schedule, design, and operating hours of the display.
  • Use of hardware that complies with industry standards with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

42 unit of Centralized Electronic Bulletin Board Putrajaya 

MagicINFO™ is an all-in-one solution supporting content, device and data management. From content creation to publication and monitoring, users can manage content and devices on a single platform. MagicINFO™ 9 can analyze playback data and even sales data together to provide marketing performance report.

MagicINFO™ is built from three main components that work together to deliver full-scale communications: Author, Server, and Player. With Author, interact with easy-to-use content creation tools within an intuitive interface. The server provides comprehensive content management for easy scheduling, playlist arrangement, and content distribution. A player enables content to be played in nearly any format without the use of external software or hardware

Vertical Enclosure

The largest, slimmest, and lightest panels to accommodate any indoor signage design

      • Flexible design
      • Longevity and dependability
      • Brightness and color uniformity

Ceiling mounted

Outstanding ceiling-mounted.  a video wall display can now be mounted to a ceiling.

      • The tool-less micro-adjustable design
      • Neatly aligned on the same plane
      • The perfect viewing angle

Wall mounted

Powerful video wall solutions and deliver brilliant visual messages to the highest performance.

      • Increased readability
      • Unrivaled durability and reliability
      • Outstanding brightness and color uniformity

Interagency Collaboration