Putrajaya as a Smart City

Today most cities primary purpose of smart cities is to deal with climate change issues in developed countries and to enhance urban competitiveness in developing countries, including China and India, whose sizable, government-led smart city projects capture the world’s attention.


It is important to note that Smart City models have different purposes and areas by region, and it is important for Putrajaya to identify its city’s goal and objectives in defining the Putrajaya Smart City.


The vision for Putrajaya is to transform itself from a Garden City into a Green City by the year 2025. In doing this, it has identified 4 Big Moves  and 8 Policies in its gazette Structure plan. These 2025 long-term plans are key fundamental attributes of a smart city and hence the current planning and development of Putrajaya sets the pathway towards such transformation.


Smart Transportation & Mobility

To Increase the efficiency of public transportation, accessibility, mobility of people and traffic management through intelligent traffic management in the city.

Smart Home & Environment

To create a sustainable, vibrant and ideal place of living through reduce greenhouse emission, low-carbon lifestyle with focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy and green technology.

Smart Government Services

To improves the government services to people.

Smart Infrastructure & Utilities

To provide the basic infrastructure to upgrade the city’s capabilities and capacities towards a Smart City status.

Smart Safety & Security

To improves public safety and security through technologies.

Smart Economy

To create a competitiveness, innovative and diverse economic opportunities to prepared for the challenges and opportunities of economic globalization.

Smart Community

To connect with citizens and spread information, received feedback and suggestion through technologies.