Eco Ride at Putrajaya which offers electric-powered car transportation services will be a tourism product. Indirectly, Putrajaya will be the first city in the country to use Electric Vehicles based on the green city concept through vehicle smoke reduction measures. Eco ride at Putrajaya also has a role to support the government’s efforts in preserving the environment with explanations that use fuel.  The services provided are paid according to the specified time. 


Eco Ride is an Existing  Project. To be expanded and enhanced. The Implementation of micro-mobility sandbox with MOT and service provider companies.

Existing (to be expanded & enhanced)

Future Development



Electric car (EV) services equipped with global positioning system (GPS) facilities and tour guide voice systems can provide smart communication and mobility solutions that promote a sustainable green environment, and address the current government agenda in reducing CO2 emissions, reducing national fuel consumption thus reducing fuel subsidies and to encourage the use of public transport thus reducing urban traffic congestion, by promoting a new lifestyle using alternative methods of transportation through the concept of the car rental and sharing.

The Putra NEDO BUS

The EV bus system is environmentally friendly transportation, as it does not emit air pollution or CO2, and is able to operate at low noise and vibration levels. Electric vehicle (EV) buses allow vehicles to fully charge their batteries in just 10 minutes and the buses can run for up to 30km on a full charge before requiring to stop at an SQC terminal to recharge. Three SQC terminals are located in Putrajaya Sentral with another at the Bus Depot in Precinct 14.


Tryke’s is an electric scooter (e-scooter) for short-distance travel around Putrajaya. As a result, Tryke’s e-scooters are able to achieve green growth through low-carbon mobility and shift towards more sustainable transportation. Users need to download the Tryke mobile app and select any available Tryke e-scooter, before unlocking it using a special code from the app. Tryke users must ride within designated zones, as the e-scooters are equipped with real-time tracking devices, so users who venture out of the zones will trigger an alarm on the vehicle