Low Power Wide Area Network

LoRa is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology that uses a wireless modulation method to create long-range communication links with low power consumption, which makes it ideal for transmitting sensor data from IoT devices. A single gateway is able to cover a 2-5km radius in urban settings. With the pilot funded by the National Technology and Innovation Sandbox (NTIS) under its Single Site Innovation Sandbox category, LoRa infrastructure will be built in Presint 15 Putrajaya, a commercial hub, with smart street lighting as the first application.

The LoRa network in Putrajaya will reduce the cost of ownership of IoT solutions for PPj as the infrastructure is already in place. PPj will be able to quickly deploy, provision, and scale new applications or services using the infrastructure. Finally, we hope that it will spur local innovations as Putrajaya will be a truly smart city living lab that is a platform for innovation and economic development. The Build-Operate-Transfer approach to address this issue.  The main goal is for PPj to own and operate the LoRa network for Putrajaya by the completion of this Sandbox project. During the infrastructure building stage, the network for the gateway and device installations, configure the network server for the service and applications and install and configure the IoT platform that opens via API.  PPj will be trained to operate and manage the network and the IoT platform before the “Transfer” stage towards the end of the project.


LoRa Technology Is Connecting Our Smart Planet

SMART CITY + Everyday municipal operations are made more efficient with LoRa Technology’s long-range, low power, secure, and GPS-free geolocation features. By connecting city services such as lighting, parking, waste removal, and more, cities can optimize the use of utilities and personnel to save time and money. 

SMART HOME & BUILDINGS + LoRa Technology’s low power qualities and ability to penetrate dense building materials make it an ideal platform for IoT-connected smart home and building devices. In addition, the long-range capabilities make it possible for LoRa®-enabled sensors and the LoRaWAN® protocol to track assets that stray from home. Sensors in smart home and building applications can detect danger, optimize utility usage, and more to improve the safety and convenience of everyday living.

SMART ENVIRONMENT + By implementing a network of sensors and gateways embedded with LoRa Technology across a region, environmental indicators can be measured and reported for data analysis in real-time, detecting issues before they become crises. From air quality monitoring to radiation leak detection, LoRa®-based IoT solutions for the environment help protect citizens from environmental dangers.