Bike sharing facilities & services

PUTRAJAYA may be the city of choice for cyclists because of the facilities and services provided such as pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes, bicycle rack installation, use of the electric bicycles in Putrajaya, bicycles access to ramp facilities, and a cycling campaign program. Therefore, with the facilities and services provided, it can provide input on safety aspects and other facilities that can be provided to cyclists. Having any program can also encourage families to cycle and spend time doing healthy activities.

Pedestrian Walkway and Bicycle Lane Facilities

Bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways to increase the comfort level and safety of the users. The improvement had been carried out at Precinct 8 (25km), Precinct 14 (2.4km), and Precinct 18 (20.43km) which involved key components:

      • Pedestrian and bicycle lane signage.
      • Marking of pedestrian and cycling lane symbols.
      • Kerbs-cut treatment.
      • Bicycle rack at D’Belian@14 Kiosks Area, Precinct 14 and New England Commercial Area, Precinct 18.
      • The audible Traffic signal at main intersections.
      • Warning Tactile and Guiding Blocks
      • Benches at pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes at Sisiran tasik.


Five electrical bicycles were donated by the Green Technology Applications for the development of the Low Carbon Cities (GTALCC) Programme. The objective is to promote local green technology and encourage cycling as a mode of transportation for a short distance, especially moving between places along Persiaran Perdana such as:

    • Conduct and monitoring at the dam area and carry out general maintenance works in Putrajaya.
    • PPj enforcement team conducting daily tasks such as monitoring parking at the restricted areas along Persiaran Perdana
    • SEDA Malaysia use to travel to meeting venues located nearby


The continuity between bicycle paths and shorter distances are among the aspects that will influence the cycling experience. Two locations for the installation of bike access ramp facilities at Seri Saujana Bridge and Seri Wawasan Bridge. To cycle from Sisiran Tasik Putrajaya to the main road through the bridge. Cyclists are able to climb up and descend the stairs more easily and safety.

Cycling Campaigns and Programmes

The cycling programs which had taken place throughout 2019 and 2020 are:

  • CIMB Youth cycling Development Programme
  • Malaysia Day Fun Ride
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