Putrajaya Lake Water Quality Management System

An early detection of pollutants and assist in investigation to identify the pollution sources. The system will provide:

  • Early Warning System /Loading
  • Temp, Turbidity, Cond, Salinity
  • BOD, COD, TSS, pH, DO, NH3N- WQI online
  • Chlorophyll, BGA, Chloride etc.
  • Pollutants Trending
  • Continuously capturing the effluent discharge;
  • Assess Effectiveness of Management Strategies and Mitigating Measures

Objectives of Water Quality Monitoring

  1. To monitor and assess the water quality (rivers/lakes) for its suitability by the determination of compliance to appropriate standards such as:
    • Putrajaya Lake Water Quality Standard (PLWQS), PJC
    • National Water Quality Standards for Malaysia (NWQS)-DOE
    • National Lake Water Quality Criteria and Standards 2015-NAHRIM
    • National Standard for Drinking Water Quality, MOH.
  2. To identify and investigate pollution sources such as:
    • bacteriological contamination
    • eutrophication
    • Other pollutions (acidification, aesthetic degradation etc.)
  3. To recommend appropriate remedial & preventive actions.
Putrajaya WQMS Buoy