Digital Putrajaya Exhibition and Conference 2019

Date : October 3rd - 5th 2019
Time : 9 am - 6 pm
Venue : Siantan / Melati Conference Hall, Perbadanan Putrajaya

DiPEC 2019 aims to be the meeting point of policy makers, implementors, users and influencers from Local Council, Government Agencies and Private Sector to engage in dynamic action to enable a sustainable future to become reality. Read more...

This year theme is “Building A Smarter City For The Rakyat” will showcase the 7 domain under the Putrajaya Smart City Blueprint with more than 40 Exhibition Booth, 35 Speakers from government and private sectors and participant will have the chance to visit the state of the art Putrajaya Command Centre.


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Registration at Lobby Dewan Persidangan


Y.B. Tuan Haji Khalid Abd Samad, Minister of Federal Territory


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TALK NO. 1: Creating A Sustainable Digital Ecosystem

Speaker : Mr. Azrin Aris, Director of Products & Innovation, TM One. Read more...

A smart city is any city that intuitively adapts and responds to the needs of its citizens. While technology may be important to enable the adaptiveness and responsiveness, technology can sometimes be the crippling factor, due to its high investment cost and rapid evolution lifecycle. Hence one of the biggest challenge surrounding the deployment of smart cities is its sustainability, both from a technological as well as a financial perspective.

From a technology perspective, how do cities stay ahead of the ever changing technology? How can cities hope to remain relevant, when any smart city technology introduced is likely to become obsolete the very next day. From a financial perspective, the conventional capex model may not be as sustainable anymore given the challenging economic climate. With limited new financial sources, how then can cities introduce smart city technologies to give their citizens a better quality of life?

In this slot, we will be sharing our experience on how we help our partners create smart cities through a sustainable digital ecosystem, including the pivotal 5-step smart city framework. We will also share some examples of innovative business models that cities can explore, to manage the financial challenges associated with deploying smart cities.



Speaker : Y.Bhg. Datuk Dr. Aminuddin Bin Hassim, President of Perbadanan Putrajaya. Read more...

Technology can connect us and deliver what it supposed to do but without smart leadership, the prospects of smart cities are greatly difficult to achieve. Leadership in implementing smart city is the kind of leadership that is able to deal with the complexities of the ecosystem and the culture around it. It should be able to handle the inputs and outputs in the smart city solutions to produce targeted benefits for all Rakyat. Smart leadership facilitates collaboration, uses strategic and design thinking, practices foresight activities, builds alliances and partnerships. It is about getting out of the office and see the real things on site to understand everything about it. Smart leadership needs to be distributed, the leadership skills must be developed across the workforce. The speaker will explain more on how he lead the Putrajaya Smart City Initiatives.


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TALK NO. 3: New Initiatives and Arising Trends in Developing Smart Transportation and Mobility Solutions to fuel futureFuel Future Smart Cities

Moderator : Ir. Azman Masbah, Professional Engineer.

Panel 1 : Mr. Johan Ariff Salim, Managing Director, Titian System Solutions

Involved in the design, development and implementation of numerous Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) projects throughout Asia for the efficient movement of road traffic in urban areas. Johan serves as the managing director of Titian System Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd and continues to design and develop emerging Smart City solutions and ITS technologies through smart partnerships with principle technology providers such as Bosch Security, Aldridge Traffic Controller and various others.

Panel 2 : Ir. Mahfix Omar, Manager, Turbine Technique (M)Sdn Bhd

30 years of experience in planning, engineering, construction, and project management of transportationrelated endeavours. His key related experiences include the formulation of the of the master plan along with the complete implementation of the Intergrated Urban Transportation System (IUTS) to all three urban rail transit systems in Kuala Lumpur – both the Star and Putra LRT, the KTM commuter, and the ERL.

Panel 3 : Dr. Rosli Nikmat, Urusbudi Transplan Sdn.Bhd

30 years of experience in planning, engineering, construction, and project management; especially in transportation related project. His key experiences include the formulation of the Integrated Urban Transportation System (IUTS) master-plan for Kuala Lumpur, strategic public transport for the state of Negeri Sembilan, multi-modal transport blueprint for Iskandar region. He has been entrusted to implement several direct mega projects that include the LRT System for Kuala Lumpur and River cleaning in Johor Baharu. Through Urusbudi Transplan, he promotes various solutions for sustainable and smart transportation schemes and solution

TALK NO. 4: Role Of Construction And Development In Developing Smart Cities

Speaker : Y.Bhg. Dato’ Faris Yahaya, Group CEO of Orangebeam. Read more...

Businesses play a crucial role in helping City Managers to improve their cities’ infrastructure. Construction and development companies are building the infrastructure that will serve populations for decades to come — and they must have a seat at the table to ensure they are aware of, and influencing, new methods and innovations.


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PANEL SESSION NO. 5: Engineering Smart City

Moderator : Dr. Steven Hoo, School of Engineering and Physical Science, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. Read more...

Panel 1 : Prof. Ir. Dr. Denny K. S. Ng, School of Engineering and Physical Science, Heriot-Watt University

Panel 2 : Associate Prof. Dr. Florence Choong, School of Engineering and Physical Science, Heriot-Watt University

Panel 3 : Associate Prof. Ir. Dr. Adlansyah Bin Abd Rahman, Heriot-Watt University

Panel 4 : Ir. Bhuvendhraa Rudrusamy, Heriot-Watt University

United Nations reported 68% of total global population will live in cities by 2050. Currently, about 55% of world population occupies urban areas. These facts highlight the importance of engineering a well-developed urban planning. In fact, over 700 cities from all over the world presented their ideas and plans for smart city projects at the Smart City Congress in Barcelona, Spain last year. The world is collectively moving forward integrating and connecting state-of-art-technologies to achieve this ultimate goal of creating smart cities. Greater Kuala Lumpur, Iskandar Malaysia, Smart Selangor and Putrajaya Smart City are the main four smart city projects currently on going here at Malaysia. This has been one of the agendas in Malaysia’s 11th Plan. Malaysia is focusing on smart energy & environment, smart buildings & housing, smart infrastructure, smart mobility, smart health, smart governance and smart citizens to realise the smart city development. To enable smart city to be established and maintained, engineering plays a major role. Engineering will act as the connection between the integrated “layers of smartness”. This forum will focus on the roles of engineering in building and maintaining a smart city in Malaysian context.

TALK NO. 6: Can Geospatially Enabled BIM for Infrastructure Projects be Applied to Smart Cities?

Speaker : Mr. Dionnald Beh, Consulting Director, Reveron Consulting. Read more...

Building Information Modelling (BIM) just isn’t about development of 3D modelling and its utilization for buildings. Today, BIM is more widely used in the infrastructure sector, such as in the development of highways. Coupled with geospatial information, the concept of BIM has evolved to become a Highway Information Modelling (HIM), a new 3D modelling useful as a decision support tool for asset owners of roads and highways throughout the asset’s lifecycle – from planning and design, to construction and project management, up till operations and maintenance of the asset. One such real-life example that successfully uses BIM and geospatial technology is in the development of the 1,000-plus km long Pan Borneo Highway in the Malaysian state of Sarawak. Here, technology is helping the project team to plan, design and manage construction, as well as provide important insight into.


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TALK NO. 7: Smart Security and Beyond

Speaker : Ms. Janesta Woon, General Manager, Bosch Security Systems. Read more...

Security surveillance has evolved over the last 15 years. From Analog CCTV System to IP CCTV System, from propriety System to open System. From decentralised setup to centralised setup and vice versa. Where are we today? Maximising the technologies that is available today, we are able to implement a Smart Security Solution not only to address the users challenges but also to allow the operational users to fully maximise the System to operate efficiently and effectively.

TALK NO. 8: EV Bus Development, Operations & Lesson Learned

Speaker : Mr. Ahmad Taufeeq Arrahman, Head of E-Mobility, Gets Global. Read more...

Smart city smart infrastructure & Utility Green Technology


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TALK NO. 9: Creating Smart Cities through Integrated Ecosystem Read more...

A wide ecosystem of public and private sector players is needed to bring a smart city initiative to life. This ecosystem includes all levels of government and private sector participants such as investors, technology companies, telecoms operators, construction companies and property owners. Maxis is leading the way in building this integrated ecosystem, beyond providing the infrastructure and connectivity from mobile including the nb-IoT network, we also partner with key IoT and smart city platform providers, device partners, and solution providers. Maxis is the catalyst in developing and growing the local IoT.

Speaker : Mr. Syed Othman Bin Syed Salim, Head of Connected Retail and Public Infrastructure, MAXIS.

Currently the head of connected retail and public infrastructure at Maxis Enterprise. With more than 19 years of experience in telecommunications industry, he has held many corporate and SME companies in adopting innovative digital solutions – to drive better performance, productivity and profitability.

TALK NO. 10: Artificial Intelligence

Speaker : Ts. Syahrul Hafidz Suid, Strategic Solutions Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Read more...

As an IT consultant for over 10 years, Syahrul has supported numerous IT transformation projects for PS clients; enabling them to drive greater competitive advantage, productivity and business growth from their IT investment. Syahrul's core competencies are on IT Strategy, Smart City and & Digital Transformation. Syahrul is an active member of The Open Group and Association of Enterprise Architects. He also been recognized as Professional Technologists (Ts.) by Malaysia Board of Technologists. Currently he is pursuing a doctorate degree at local university in Malaysia focus on IoT owners. Maxis is leading the way in building this integrated ecosystem, beyond providing the infrastructure and connectivity from mobile including the nb-IoT network, we also partner with key IoT and smart city platform providers, device partners, and solution providers. Maxis is the catalyst in developing and growing the local IoT and Smart city solution provider community with the intention of working with these local players end to end from ideation and concept, all the way to implementation and deployment.


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TALK NO. 11: Securing Your Digital Transformation Journey

Speaker : Y.T.M Tengku Shahrizam, Cybersecurity Consultant, Cisco.

TALK NO. 12: One Stop Centre 3.0

Speaker : Ms. Haszainoraisyah Hashim, Assistant Director, Information Technology & Communications Division, Perbadanan Putrajaya. Read more...

OSC 3.0 Monitoring System is a system used in Perbadanan Putrajaya since November 2017. It was developed based on the OSC 3.0 Manual that was issued by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT). It functions to monitor plan approval beginning from planning permission, erection of building, earthwork, and others until the building is completed and Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) was produced. The system has won several awards including President's Award from Malaysian Institute of Planner Planning Award (MPPEA 2018) and Gold Award from Team Excellence Convention (RTex) North Region 2019.


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TALK NO. 13: Towards A Digitalised Smart Cities with ISO 37106

Speaker : Dr. Mohd Harris Ismail, CEO, Ascension Technology. Read more...

While smart Cities becoming the talk of all nations, ISO37106 will be able to help the leaders to develop smart cities and deliver their vision for a sustainable future, by providing a toolkit of “smart practices” for managing governance, services, data and systems across the city in an open, collaborative, citizen-centric and digitally-enabled way. ISO37106 defines a “smart operating model” for cities, which enables them to operationalize their vision, strategy and policies at a faster pace, with greater agility and with lower delivery risk.

TALK NO. 14: Urban Observatory

Speaker : Mr. Safuan Yusof, Chief Digital Officer, Innovation Associates Consulting.


End Of Day 1


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TOPIC NO. 1 : Integrated Digital Delivery & BIM, Building Blocks of A Smart City.

Speaker : Mr. N.V.Kumaran, General Manager, Bina Initiatives Sdn.Bhd. Read more...

N.V. Kumaran brings with him 20 years in project management and 8 years in BIM. He has been greatly involved in providing BIM services to major projects around the country and driving its adoption in the construction industry. As the General Manager for Bina Initiatives, the company’s focus has been to provide end to end solutions covering all stages of a construction projects lifecycle. The company’s experience in BIM has helped transform large conglomerates as well as SME’s in Malaysia to implement BIM and see immediate benefits.


TOPIC NO. 2 : The Role of Micro-Mobility in Smart Transportation.

Speaker : Mr. Shazwan Abdul Razak, Co-Founder, Tryke Transportation Sdn.Bhd. Read more...

He has more than ten years of finance and strategy experience across key strategic industries including Public Transportation and Energy. Through his stint as Chief Financial Officer of CMC Group (a leading Malaysian company focusing on system works for public transportation), he has strongly advocated for digitalisation of public transportation. He has actively participated in various initiatives related to digitalisation of public transportation involving various government agencies and multinational technology companies. Prior to his stint with CMC, Shazwan works with PETRONAS and Ernst & Young.He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from Victoria University of Wellington, NZ. He is also a Fellow Chartered Accountant by profession qualified with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant.


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TALK NO. 15: How Blockchain Enables The Implementation of Digital Halal Ecosystem

Speaker : Dr. Firdaus Fanny Putera Perdana, Consultant, Innovation Associates Consulting. Read more...

“The Halal Gentleman in Modern Culture. The Jeans Hiker in Mother Nature.” He was recently awarded a title of Ph. D. in Halal Industry from INHART (International Institute for Halal Research and Training) at IIUM (International Islamic University Malaysia). Currently, he works as a Consultant at Innovation Associates Consulting Sdn. Bhd. He is now conducting research regarding the importance and the acceptance of technology solutions in the Halal industry. He would like to ensure the enablement of technology solutions to ensure that Digital Halal Ecosystem will be effortlessly achieved. He has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering, an MBA in Industrial Management. The variety in his education background allows him to understand people and research from so many different perspectives. His other research interests mainly include Halal Consumer Behavior, Halal Blockchain (Halal Technology), Halal Supply Chain, Islamic Branding, Halal Certification, Halal Food Science, and Islamic Jurisprudence.

TALK NO. 16: Enabling Smart Cities

Speaker : Mr. Zamry Bin Ibrahim, General Manager Real Estate Vertical, TM One. Read more...

The smart city initiatives have changed the landscape of how business is carried out in the past, conventionally, by its disruptive nature. For a city to be smart, services implemented in a fragmented manner may hinder the aspiration of the city to be smart due to the constraints that comes along with this mode of delivery. From a delivery perspective, it is important to have a complete eco-system view of the entire smart city aspirations from the beginning. The complete view will ensure how system of systems communicate with each other effectively and provide the necessary information required by the city in a timely manner in the way it is intended to be. Hence the importance of a design thought process at the beginning of the smart city initiative is imperative. In this slot, we will be sharing our experience on how we adopt this approach to deliver a sustainable digital ecosystem of services. We will also be sharing our success stories in this respect to further emphasize the importance and need to be able to adopt to this approach for a sustainable digital ecosystem deployment to make a city smart effectively.

The smart city initiatives have changed the landscape of how business is carried out in the past, conventionally, by its disruptive nature. For a city to be smart, services implemented in a fragmented manner may hinder the aspiration of the city to be smart due to the constraints that comes along with this mode of delivery. From a delivery perspective, it is important to have a complete eco-system view of the entire smart city aspirations from the beginning. The complete view will ensure how system of systems communicate with each other effectively and provide the necessary information required by the city in a timely manner in the way it is intended to be. Hence the importance of a design thought process at the beginning of the smart city initiative is imperative. In this slot, we will be sharing our experience on how we adopt this approach to deliver a sustainable digital ecosystem of services. We will also be sharing our success stories in this respect to further emphasize the importance and need to be able to adopt to this approach for a sustainable digital ecosystem deployment to make a city smart effectively.


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PANEL SESSION NO. 17: Moving Beyond Smart Cities with Cashless Payment

Speaker : Mr. Ignatius Ong, CEO, TNG Digital.

Malaysia is moving from a digital transformation towards the realization of a digital nation. A digital nation can be defined as a country in which urban and rural citizens, governments, and businesses live in a digital society that interacts and generates value, which benefits all stakeholders. The concept of digital nations is broader and more encompassing than smart cities, as it covers an entire country. Pursuing cashless initiatives could be an important step in delivering smarter cities. Cities that implement cashless payments for government services and incentivise businesses to do the same could see economic benefits, including direct cost reductions, time savings, renewed economic activity and increased use of public services. TNGD will explain more on the benefits and what it can do to help the nation.

TALK NO. 18: Living Cities Connecting Agencies and Citizens by Enabling Distributed Digital Collaboration & Transformation

Speaker : Ms. Joanne Loh Poh Choo, Chief Technology Strategist, ESRI Malaysia. Read more...

Industrial 4.0 trends are emerging where Geospatial technology and workflows are increasingly critical to organisations. As a network of organizations, with our individual missions amongst the broader community, this presentation describe on how do we achieve effective collaboration and strike a balance to achieve manageable interoperability. Design being informed by location (Living Cities, IOTs, improving project lifecycles, Open Data, BIM, 3D, Analytics) allows organization to achieve the key smart cities pillars in achieving Smart Cities (Living Cities) goals (governmental and especially community stake holders).


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TALK NO. 19: Leveraging Data Intelligence Towards Smart Community

Speaker : Mr. Sasongko Yudho, EBDESK Malaysia.

TALK NO. 20: Putrajaya’s Intelligent Network Facility Monitoring System: A Real Life Implementation Of IR 4.0 Elements In Developing Smart Cities Intelligent Applications

Speaker : Prof. Madya Dr. Mohamad Hanif Md Saad, Head Of CAISER Research Group, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Read more...

Smart City will be an important feature in the future of humankind. Although one can argue that the level of 'smartness' of a Smart City can be measured using different perceptual metrics, the most commonly acceptable approach is via the numbers of smart and intelligent systems that is being deployed for the city.

In this session, the speaker will discuss and share how the CAISER research Team from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) has helped the Network Monitoring team of Perbadanan Putrajaya to implement an intelligent network monitoring system that helped to ensure the availabillity and uptime of major network infrastructure for Putrajaya since 2014.

The system that was developed integrates sensor data from more than 350 sensors, CCTVs and other sub-systems with event detection capabillities in Real-Time and is also incorporated with siren, SMS, email and Telegram notification for close loop Crowd Actuation based rectification of detected anomalous event. This system encorporates almost all of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 elements and is a real-life case study on how core elements of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 can be used to develop intelligent applications for Smart City.


Evening Break


PANEL SESSION NO. 21: A Smart City By The Community For The Community

Speaker : Mr. Vince Ng, Touch Point International.

A Smart City must encompass the major stakeholders and strive to create a conducive environment for them to thrive. This includes the interests of the city council, its citizens, business community and visitors/tourists. With an integrated mobile app platform, various touch points can be leveraged to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders. A solution is ready today in Putrajaya.

TALK NO. 22: A Paradigm Shift from Green Buildings to Sustainable Cities: Concept and Future Direction

Speaker : Associate Prof. Dr. Khalik Mohamad Sabil, Head of School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society, Heriot-Watt University. Read more...

The delivery of sustainability goals is necessary to consider development at the macro scale by incorporating the sustainability principles into the urban and city planning, moving beyond the individual building level..Sustainable cities and communities enable the arrangement of buildings, public realms, transport system, services and amenities to be more viable, participatory, inclusive and self-sustaining. Sustainable cities and communities could reduce the current development barriers experienced by green buildings and offer more strategic solutions for implementing and realising the local and international sustainability goals.


End Of Day 2


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TALK NO. 23: From AI to IA – Cloud For Data Intelligence.

Speaker : Mr. Lin En Shu, Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud. Read more...

Speaker : Y.Bhg. Datuk Ir. Dr. Leong Siew Mun, Technical Advisor, Sena Group of Companies.

Speaker : Mr. Michael Fun, Chief Marketing Officer, Sena Group of Companies.

Empowering cities to think with data-driven governance - Utilizing comprehensive real-time city data, City Brain holistically optimizes urban public resources by instantly correcting defects in urban operations. This has led to numerous breakthroughs in urban government models, service models, and industrial development.

A step towards smart cities - From new developments in ICT technology to mass market IoT, the rise of the smart city has been a long time coming and is a much-needed solution to the many challenges urban cities around the world are currently faced with. Each solution offered by these smart cities is powered by data-driven insights.

An IoT ecosystem is built on the connectivity between products that can gather different kinds of data. The large volume of data is stored, analysed and interpreted to gain valuable insights into a user’s behaviour patterns. High performing smart cities will require massive IoT ecosystems in order to function properly.

From millions of sensors generating volumes of data, governments and businesses can make more efficient use of their resources by understanding how citizens behave, including how they move, how much energy they use, and how they drive their cars.

Big data currently plays an integral role in the development of smart cities, helping people design products and infrastructure that can respond to a citizen’s needs as they evolve. It may be just the tip of the iceberg, but there’s no doubt cities will only continue to get smarter as we better learn to harness the power of data-driven solutions in IoT.

TALK NO. 24: Putrajaya Smart City Blueprint

Speaker : Mr. Mohd Musabri Shaharom, Principal Assistant Director, Smart City Division, Perbadanan Putrajaya. Read more...

The smart city has started to become a reality in the City of Putrajaya. Today we are moving from small scale projects to smart implementation at bigger scale. Blueprints, Dedicated Focus Team and new approaches have started to move along with IoT, Artificial Intelligence, drones, autonomous, LED, Big Data, EV and other new technology. Thing has started to come into reality. Now we are able to monitor the city with Intelligent Video Analytic technology, having a mobile app panic button wherever we are, received alert if there’s a possible pollution detected and many more. This topic will explain in details about the Putrajaya Smart City Blueprint.


Morning Break


TALK NO. 25: Enabling Smart City with Smart Lighting IoT Infrastructures

Speaker : Mr. Geo Lim, Product Marketeer Professional Lighting, Signify Malaysia. Read more...

Where there’s light, there’s insight. Interact IoT Platform enables connected LED lighting systems and embedded sensor networks to deliver insights, benefits and new services to customers. It makes lighting intelligent. Delivering an IoT ecosystem for our partners, customers and developers powered by the world's largest network connected LED lighting. Interact is our secure, scalable IoT platform that collects and shares data back and forth between connected light points, sensors and devices embedded in Interact connected lighting systems. Interact enables you to benefit from edge technologies, big data processing and analytics, and machine learning.

TALK NO. 26: Building a Software-Defined IT Infrastructure with Cisco Hyperflex

Speaker : Mr. Lee Han, Cisco.


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TALK NO. 27: Smart City Technology Trends And New Smart City Financing Model.

Speaker : Mr. Sudeep Das, Head Sales – APJC, Quantela Inc., Hyderabad, India. Read more...

As we are on the cusp of rapid shifts in cities precipitated by technology, it is worth imagining what an autonomous city of the future will look like – and the associated impact it will have on our everyday lives. Cities are beginning to and will continue to, integrate technological dynamism into municipal operations, from transportation to infrastructure repair and more. We will talk about the various shifts in trends in the way smart cities are being developed with the primary goal of creating a city for everyone.

But smart cities require an infrastructure modernization – a high price-tag proposition that can be daunting for many cities. We will discuss various innovative Equity/Debt Based Financing strategies and models that can help cities jump-start their Smart City projects with minimum upfront capital investment and also share the incremental revenue upside coming from data monetization opportunities. These models can help cities around the world transform vision into a reality.

TALK NO. 28: Local & State Government - Jumpstart Your Work with Geospatially Configured Solution Bundle.

Speaker : Mr. Amir Faisal, Solution Consultant, ESRI Malaysia / Statworks (M) Sdn Bhd. Read more...

Smart Cities, focusing on the movement towards digital transformation to build smarter communities. This movement would ensure the transition from the customary way of doing things which are already a staple method to great many people, towards a new platform that utilises the digital innovation to be progressively proficient. Utilising paper-based method of doing things would be a relic of past times. In any case, having an idea is just the starting point but how do we get it the engine moving? Since familiarity breeds confidence, how would we make the transition?

Esri Malaysia’s Jumpstart Bundle solution will help the local and state government to rapidly leverage the power of digital geospatial technology in solving and tackling today’s problems. This jumpstart bundle will help in terms of quickly deploying a set of solution that offers a configurable customized contents to suit the respective local & state government to create a tailored experience.




TALK NO. 29: Evolution of Environmental Monitoring

Speaker : Mr. Amirul Shazli, General Manager, Alam Sekitar Malaysia (ASMA). Read more...

Environmental monitoring is essential to assess the changes in environmental conditions and to monitor the effectiveness of the mitigation measures. With recent development in instrumentations, sensors and communication systems, continuous and timely data is made possible. IoT has become the smart solution in meeting the needs particularly in providing reliable and secured data. This presentation shall highlight the changes in environmental monitoring works and reporting since the early days and the way forward to compliment Smart city key elements.

TALK NO. 30: Creating Shared Value Through Smart Cities.

Speaker : Mr. Dalbir Singh, Regional Lead Smart Cities ASEAN, Cisco. Read more...

Digitization enables cities and communities to become smarter and more connected through increased efficient use of technology. However, for a city or community, being smart is about more than just the technology. When it comes to creating sustainable smart cities, it’s important to understand what makes a city unique, what makes it tick and makes people want to be there, so that becoming smart includes reinforcing and reflecting the city’s uniqueness. For successful digitization, you need a combined understanding of government, citizen, and business processes to apply the appropriate strategies and architectures to connect everything—people, data, actions, devices, machines—as well as take a holistic approach to analytics, data security and privacy that spans technology, operations, and culture.


End of Day 2


Birds of A Feather




TOPIC NO. 3 : TM One - 21st Century Learning Design.

Speaker : Mr. Badrul Hisham Besri, General Manager, Head of Vertical Education, TM One. Read more...

A driven, results-oriented, self-starter who understands and utilies challenges and oppurtunities at the operational level and able to convey the strategic value of deploying new distributed resource management solutions. An able to convene customers and industry participants together.


TOPIC NO. 4 : Smart Transportation & Mobility Initiative by Perbadanan Putrajaya.

Speaker : Mr. Azhar Othman, Senior Principal Assistant Director, Land Development & Planning Approval Section, City Planning Department, Perbadanan Putrajaya. Read more...

Azhar Othman is a city planner with 27 years of experience in the field of urban and regional planning at the federal government planning agency, PLANMalaysia, local planning, at the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council, Malaysia and at present, the City Planning Department of Perbadanan Putrajaya.

He is now the Senior Principal Assistant Director heading the Land Development & Planning Approval Section. Prior to that he was the Head of Development Plan and Planning Policy Section of the City Planning Department after 7 years heading the Putrajaya Green City Section.

He is charged with the responsibility to land development and pallning approval. Since 2015, he has been tasked with the duty as the contact person of the Putra-NEDO EV bus demonstration project toward the implementation smart green technology city transportation solution and application towards the target of turning Putrajaya into a sustainable & resilient low carbon green city by 2025.

Putra-NEDO EV Bus Demonstration Project is an international collaboration between the governments of Malaysia and Japan to demonstrate the technical effectiveness of the use of EV Buses charging technologies in Putrajaya using Japanese energy storage and super quick charging technologies in the pursuit of creating an environmental friendly smart urban community in the city.

Perbadanan Putrajaya and NEDO of Japan with the cooperation of PAPTT & a consortium of Japanese companies with the support of a few Malaysian companies has been implementing this project since 2015 with the intracity operation involving the provision of 10 large-12 metres single decker EV buses, 4 super quick chargers, 1 quick charger and a bus fleet monitoring system in Putrajaya and neighbouring Cyberjaya since June 2017.

The second phase of the project will commence in 2021 with the operation of 2 double decker EV buses, a second-generation single decker EV bus using super quick charging facilities.

The implementation of this project fits well into the target of PGC2025 to turn Putrajaya into a smart, sustainable & resilient low carbon green city by 2025.


TOPIC NO. 5 : Digital Document Management System.

Speaker : Mr. Amran Ebrahim, Principal Assistant Director, Information Techonology & Communication DIivision Corporate Department, Perbadanan Putrajaya. Read more...

He has experience in developing, design an in-house the Digital Document Management System (e-Document) applications of Putrajaya Corporation in-house; design an in-house the Operational Management, Asset and Maintenance Management System (FOAMMS) application in Perbadanan Putrajaya; develop an in-house Government Employee Mortgage Loan Management application system.


Mr. Azrin Aris

TM One

Y.Bhg. Datuk Dr. Aminuddin Hassim

Presiden Perbadanan Putrajaya

Ir. Azman Masbah

Professional Engineer

Mr. Johan Ariff Salim

Titian System Solutions

Ir. Mahfix Omar

Turbine Technique

Dr. Rosli Nikmat

Urusbudi Transplan

Y.Bhg. Dato’ Faris Yahaya


Dr. Steven Hoo

Heriot Watt University

Prof. Ir. Dr. Denny K. S. Ng

Heriot Watt University

Associate Prof. Dr. Florence Choong

Heriot Watt University

Associate Prof. Ir. Dr. Adlansyah Abd Rahman

Heriot Watt University

Ir. Bhuvendhraa Rudrusamy

Heriot Watt University

Mr. Dionnald Beh

Reveron Consulting

Ms. Janesta Woon

Bosch Security Systems

Mr. Ahmad Taufeeq Arrahman

Gets Global

Mr. Syed Othman Syed Salim


Mr. Dalbir Singh


Hjh. Nuraslina Zainal Abidin

Innovation Associates Consulting

Ts. Syahrul Hafidz Suid

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Y.T.M. Tengku Shahrizam


Ms. Haszainoraisyah Hashim

Perbadanan Putrajaya

Dr. Mohd Harris Ismail

Ascension Technology

Mr. Safuan Yusof

Innovation Associates Consulting

Dr. Firdaus Fanny Putera Perdana

Innovation Associates Consulting

Mr. Zamry Ibrahim

TM One

Mr. Ignatius Ong

TNG Digital

Ms. Joanne Loh Poh Choo

ESRI Malaysia

Mr. Sasongko Yudho

EBDESK Malaysia

Prof. Madya Dr. Mohamad Hanif Md Saad

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Mr. Vince Ng

Touch Point International

Associate Prof. Dr. Khalik Mohamad Sabil

Heriot Watt University

Mr. Lin En Shu

Alibaba Cloud

Mr. Micheal Fun

Sena Group of Companies

Mr. Mohd Musabri Shaharom

Perbadanan Putrajaya

Mr. K. Seshadri


Mr. Lee Han


Mr. Amir Faisal

ESRI Malaysia / Statworks (M) Sdn Bhd

Mr. N.V.Kumaran

Bina Initiatives

Mr. Shazwan Abdul Razak

Tryke Transportation

Mr. Azhar Othman

Perbadanan Putrajaya

Mr. Amran Ebrahim

Perbadanan Putrajaya

Participation by well known brands and industry players.