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Paperless OSC Meeting

One Stop Centre (OSC) was introduced by the Government of Malaysia in 2007 to increase efficiency and expedite development proposal applications and at the same time to improve public service delivery.

One element of OSC is the OSC meeting where approval of all development proposals from planning permissions, development control, landscape approval, renovation and permit are presented, discussed and decided.

In Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPj), the OSC meetings chaired by the President of Perbadanan Putrajaya are conducted paperless since 2017. This is made possible with the usage of PPj OSC 3.0 Monitoring System (OSC 3.0 System).

The OSC 3.0 System is a ‘one system for all’ where all stakeholders are using the same system in preparing and submitting applications (public and consultant), processing the applications (PPj), giving technical comments (external agencies), updating project progress consultants) and data analysis from dashboards and reportings (management). In this system too, the processing of the submissions from comments, reviewing plans and letters, meetings and approval are all done online.

Paperless OSC meeting is possible when the agenda, presentation papers and meeting decision are prepared and presented online. This ensure that all meeting members from the President, the PPj technical teams, external technical teams – such as TNB, IWK, Bomba – are able to use the system via laptops, tablets and even smartphones. With fully online accessibility, the meeting can be arranged anytime and anywhere. There are occasions where PPj OSC meetings were held outside the PPj Complex to demonstrate the ability of the system to be available and used outside the internal network.

With Paperless OSC meeting, it is calculated that PPj has managed to save about RM130,000 per year with the reduction of papers used in the meeting. The OSC 3.0 System is now served as the base of OSC 3 Plus Online System by Ministry of Housing and Local Government that are implemented at some of local authorities throughout Malaysia.