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Cashless Donation

Donations and alms are a form of charity encouraged in Islam. Masjid and surau are among places where Muslims usually give donations to help beautify and maintain the building, education purposes or to help paying for bills.

Traditional method of receiving donations from people is by putting a container for people to insert money into it. This method is open to risk such as theft. Nowadays to make donations faster and more secure, masjid and surau often resort to cashless donation.

In Putrajaya, cashless donation is getting popular. For example, in Surau Pudina, located at Perumahan Penjawat Awam (PPAM) Precinct 17, the management of the surau uses Touch n Go EWallet as one of the options of donation to the Surau.

By opting to have an e-wallet as a method to receive donations, the management of surau can ensure that donations are safe from theft as there is only cashless transactions involved. Visitors to surau are also able to give donations without restricted to any amount of money available in pocket.

Many surau in Putrajaya are already implementing cashless donation in the premise. Perbadanan Putrajaya are also hope that more surau and masjid throughout Putrajaya provide this cashless donation towards Smart Economy and Smart Community of Smart Putrajaya.